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Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization for WordPress websites.

No-nonsense, completely transparent and realistic SEO services for websites.

Optimizing your site to rank in the search engines is not a project, it’s an ongoing process and it takes in every aspect of your site; from how fast it loads to the structure of your permalinks.

Our retained SEO services are designed to improve your site over time and to get you ranking for keywords that will bring you sales, not just traffic.

Home Seo Design

If you’d like us to have a look at your site and improve the SEO, we do the following.

A free website audit to check your site
A quick look over your hosting environment
A review of the front-end of your website
Administrative check
Examine your website and check page-by-page in more detail
Produce a detailed report

No agency can provide you with an SEO service unless they’ve talked to you directly.